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Certificates of Deposit

Regular Share Certificates

Certificates of Deposit are also known as Share Certificates or CDs. They are among the safest investments you can make!

The concept is simple: If you have extra savings, you can invest some of those savings in a CD that will pay you higher dividends than a standard Savings Account. Share Certificates are available with terms of six to 60 months and offer competitive rates of return.

IRA Share Certificates

At Peach State, we care about your future. That’s why you can also use Share Certificates in conjunction with your Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Your IRA will receive a fixed dividend for the term of the certificate, offering you a safe and easy way to invest in your retirement.

Please note that there are penalties for early withdrawal. The penalty is 30 days’ dividends for Share Certificates with terms of six to 12 months and 90 days’ dividends for Certificates with terms above 12 months.