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Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) Can Help You Save for Your Next Trip


We all do it, scroll through our news feed and see your old college friend in Santorini, Greece, posing on a staircase during golden hour, or a blogger eating a croissant with the Eiffel Tower positioned perfectly in the background and your sister is in New York, going to Broadway shows on her three-day weekend. You try to escape these enviable posts, so you switch to another account, but now you see even more photos and trips that people are on, wishing that could be you, swimming in crystal clear water. The FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) pressure is REAL!

What if FOMO pressure can help you save money, which may lead to you actually going on these trips?

It’s simple—as soon as you feel FOMO, start saving for your next awe-inspiring vacation. Talk to your financial institution about options for saving automatically, which may help you get in the habit of saving in general. Some options include Club Accounts or Direct Deposit. Once you see your savings grow, your motivation to save more will likely grow along with it.
If you find yourself with enough money saved, but you’re not quite ready to go on your trip, that’s ok! It can be addicting to watch your savings account grow, and you’ll end up forgetting about your FOMO pressure in the first place. If this happens, try saving for a bigger trip or even a down payment for a house or a new car! The opportunities are endless once you get in the habit of saving money. 

One way to help battle the FOMO while also saving money is separating your dream trips into three simple categories: Small, Medium and Large.

  • Small trip: Within your current state (e.g., Georgia. Trip: weekend getaway to Savannah, Georgia | Costs: mileage, hotel/rental, food, activities).
  • Medium trip: Domestic travel (e.g., Los Angeles | Costs: airfare, hotel/rental, car services, food, activities).
  • Large trip: International travel (e.g., Italy | Costs: airfare, train, hotel/rental, car rental, food, activities, insurance).

By separating your dream trips into these categories, it may give you a better grasp on just how much money you need to save. Also, having your trip and expenses written out gives your trip a sense of realness, which may inspire you to save more.

Given these points, it’s OK to have FOMO in the interest of your savings account. If it will help you to save money, then keep having it and post your travel photos for others to get FOMO (and save money)!

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