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How to Take a Trip on a Budget


Many people enjoy taking trips, but not everyone wants to pay the expensive price tag that comes along with traveling. Here’s a few ways to take a trip while staying on a budget:

Where to Stay

Websites like Airbnb have listings throughout the world and this way of booking a place to stay while traveling is growing in popularity. The website offers unique alternatives to traditional hotels—houses, apartments, houseboats, mansions, and even tree houses! Many rentals have more affordable prices compared to hotels, and it allows you to search by price, which can be very helpful if you’re on a budget. Many of these rentals are in local areas, and not surrounded by tourists and mainstream hotels, so you get the chance to experience the city like a local!

How to Get Around

If the city that you are visiting has public transportation, try it! According to BusinessInsider.com, the top 3 cities with the best public transportation are New York City, San Francisco, and Boston. If you’re visiting a city or town that doesn’t have public transportation, download ride sharing apps like Uber or Lyft. Frequent travelers recommend checking both apps to find the lowest fare. If you are using a ride sharing service to get around the city, you don’t have to pay for parking, which could save you as much as $25 per parking lot! If your dinner plans are a 30 min walk away, you can skip getting a car service and try an electric scooter. Bird and Lime are two popular scooters that are located in 100+ cities. It costs just $1 to unlock, and 15 cents per minute to ride.

What to Do

No one needs to spend excessive amounts of money on entertainment to have fun.

  • Go on a free walking tour to see and learn about popular attractions.
  • Visit museums and art galleries—most are free or have a low-cost entrance fee.
  • Window shopping! You can see what you like, without actually spending money on it.

Pro Tip: Search the city you’re visiting on the Explore tab on Instagram to find locals or other visitors’ recommendations!

What to Eat

It’s no surprise that eating out can be expensive when you’re traveling. These tips may help you save money:

  • Visit a nearby grocery store and load up on drinks and quick meals.
  • Go eat where the locals eat—avoid restaurants close to tourist attractions as they are typically overpriced.
  • Or, hit the streets and choose from food trucks or carts!

Helpful Apps to Check Out

  • Hopper: Helps you find the cheapest price for a plane ticket. Just enter your travel dates, and let Hopper send you notifications for the best time to buy your tickets.
  • Hotel Tonight: If your Airbnb plans fall through, your next best option is to use Hotel Tonight. They work with hotels to offer discounts on empty rooms, saving you money on last minute bookings.
  • Packpoint: Instead of taking a trip and buying everything you forgot, Packpoint already has a checklist made for what you should pack. It looks at the weather for the dates you selected, and asks what activates you plan to participate in. It will list the items it recommends you bring, and you can remove the ones that aren’t necessary.

Have a great trip!

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