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6 Tips for Selling Your Car


Selling a car is more than taking a few pictures and posting them in a classified ad. The seller should consider the key points a buyer will be interested in such as price, the appearance of the car and how the vehicle has been maintained. Below are several tips to assist you in selling your car like a professional salesperson.

Knowledge of the Market Trends

Researching the market will not only help clarify the possibility of a car being sold but will also help determine an appropriate price for the car and help to estimate how much time it will take to sell. For instance, a popular vehicle model is more likely to sell quickly as compared to a model which is not as high in demand. Other important factors to consider are the vehicle’s appearance and mechanical condition. There are numerous Car Value Estimators and guides available online to assist you with your research.

It’s How You Present Your Car

Paying particular attention to the appearance of your vehicle will help you obtain the best price. However, it may require some real effort. Whether doing a detailed cleaning yourself or going for a professional detailing service, bringing a car up to shipshape condition can prove to be a good investment.

Take note of the detail and quality of the photographs that are selected to post online or within a classified ad, as you want to captivate the attention of a potential buyer. You will want to highlight the best parts of the vehicle (from the interior and the exterior) which will also help to distinguish your ad from the others.

Reveal the Features in Detail

When selling your car, you should expect all sorts of questions from potential buyers. Plan ahead and have notes readily available regarding the car’s model number, color, any extra details and other specifications that a buyer might find interesting to know.

Some details you may want to include are the number of previous owners, the vehicle identification number (VIN), the fuel utilization & efficiency, any additional features, and/or warranties. Highlighting the details may set your car apart from all the others.

Learn the Art of Selling

Whether a person is selling a car privately or with the help of a dealership, the way that you sell the car plays an important role when it comes to negotiations with a buyer. Those negotiations, in turn, determine how much profit the seller can make from the sale of the vehicle.

Dealerships handle such negotiations on their own, so the seller would not be as concerned with negotiating when selling through a dealer. However, when selling privately, the seller should adopt a convincing tone and present all the prominent specs of the car to secure the best price. Selling privately can provide the most substantial profit for the seller as compared to selling through a dealership.

Effective Advertising

The trends of selling are continually changing and the effort put forth to sell your car should involve getting the car serviced at a reputable service station, taking good photos and posting them on a number of trustworthy classified sites. Effective advertising will be the difference of selling your car sooner rather than later.

Finalizing the Deal

There are a few things you should keep in mind before closing the deal. These final steps include: exchange of payment, exchange of necessary documents (such as the car title), warranty papers (if any) and the maintenance records of the car. After completion of these steps, you are now ready to hand over the keys to the buyer.

Selling a car isn’t easy but by thinking through the entire process and putting yourself in the buyers’ shoes can give you that additional awareness to being an effective salesperson.

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