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I’ve financed at least 8 cars, probably more, for my family through Peach State and I’ve just financed another one now that my 17 year old daughter is driving. Of all the cars we’ve financed with the credit union, one car stands out among the many.

In 2004 we were buying a used car for my oldest daughter who is now 30 years old. We found a good deal and went to the credit union to start the financing for the loan. The loan officer saw the price and was shocked. “There is no way you’re getting this price for this car, I want to look at it and inspect it myself!”, he said. We brought the car to him at the branch; he inspected it and gave his approval. My daughter is still driving this car today and now lives in Phoenix. It’s had the usual maintenance and is showing its age with over 170,000 miles, but this car has been very reliable and has performed very well with no major repairs in the 16 years she’s driven it.

I was very impressed with the loan agent’s automotive knowledge and willingness to help protect us from what could have been a shady deal. You may be able to find financing at other institutions, but it’s nice to have a credit union that is going above and beyond to protect its members.


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