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There are actually a few things that come to mind when I think about Peach State Federal Credit Union!

I use the account I have there as a way to save money for the future or for any unseen circumstances that may arise. I love the account because money is automatically taken out of my paycheck and deposited. This keeps it from my direct use/view and allows me to save.

I also love the location of my branch! I was raised in Young Harris, GA and still live there today. The convenience of having a true local branch is ideal for me! Peach State recognized and rewarded me in 2019 when I was chosen as our Middle School Teacher of the Year. I remember thinking of how nice it was of them to come to our board meeting and make the teachers of the year feel extra special and appreciated.

Lastly, I applied for and was awarded with a scholarship to help with the financial burdens of continuing my education and obtaining an advanced degree. The scholarship funds came at an ideal time in my life. I was on maternity leave, with upcoming medical bills to pay. This scholarship took the stress of the educational costs away by helping with my tuition and cost of resources.

I am so very thankful for Peach State and I look forward to opening additional accounts with them, for not only myself but also for my children!


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