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Peach State is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to meet the needs and exceed the  expectations of our member-owners. You can have the confidence in knowing that it's our goal to serve you, our members, not stockholders.

  • Ownership Becoming a member means you are part owner of Peach State.
  • Affordable One-time membership fee ($5) and USA Patriot Act recovery fee ($5).
  • Savings Account Opening a Savings Account with an initial $5 deposit is required for membership.
  • Who We Are We're proud to serve members and Select Employee Groups (SEGs) throughout Georgia and South Carolina. Click here for a list.
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Peach State's Membership Benefits

A membership at Peach State offers access to financial tools and resources to help you and your family reach your financial goals.

  • Lower Loan Rates We're proud to offer our members lower loan rates.
  • Lower Fees Lower fees mean more savings for our members.
  • Earn More Profits earned above expenses are returned to our members in the form of higher earnings on Savings Accounts.
  • Member-Owners Credit unions have member-owners who have an equal stake in the organization represented by the $5 deposit that was required to open their Savings Account.


You Make A BIG Difference With Every

Purchase with the Card That C.A.R.E.S.!

The Peach State FCU C.A.R.E.S. Foundation is supported by our C.A.R.E.S. Visa Debit Card program as well as contributions from outside donors. For every purchase made with a Peach State Visa Debit Card, Peach State will donate a nickel to the C.A.R.E.S. Foundation, which supports non-profits, school systems, and the arts in the communities within our footprint.1

1 $0.05 per transaction of Peach State Federal Credit Union’s merchant interchange income from our Visa Debit Card program is used to benefit the communities we serve. Peach State will determine where/how funds are disbursed. This does not affect members’ accounts, nor will any member information be disclosed. You will not incur any additional fees or charges from this program. Merchant interchange income is derived from fees that a merchant pays to accept credit/debit card payments. The C.A.R.E.S. program may or may not apply to ATM transactions, certain commercial transactions, or other transactions not processed by Visa.

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Extend membership to your employees!

As an employer, you have the opportunity to pass along the benefits of membership to your company’s most valuable asset – your employees. Offer a membership at Peach State as a “no cost” benefit. 

Peach State Membership Benefits:

  • Offers membership and access to products and services to help your employees achieve financial success.
  • Financial wellness materials for new hire packets.
  • Peach State's Business Development Team will attend new employee orientations, health and benefits fairs upon request.
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Who Can Join?

  • Peach State offers membership to the employees of our sponsor Boards of Education and many Select Employee Groups (SEGs) and associations. Search the toolbar below to quickly navigate the list of SEGs eligible and Employee Groups to see if you are able to become a member.

  • In addition, all persons who live, work, worship or attend school in Aiken, Oconee, and Pickens Counties in South Carolina and Chattooga, Clarke, Habersham, and Richmond Counties in Georgia are eligible to join. Membership is open to immediate family and household members of eligible individuals.

Don't see your employer listed below? Let them know how easy it is for them to offer their employees this valuable benefit!

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