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This brief story is also a personal thank you to not only the staff at the Jefferson location but all Peach State employees. I was one of probably many members who occasionally get an unauthorized transaction on their account. Mine was for around $200 which I happened to notice. As a waiter at a local steakhouse and a second dad to my brothers 4 boys, this put myself and my family in quite a pickle. This was the first time this has ever happened to me and I wasn’t sure what to do. Nike wasn’t much of any help but when I went in to discuss the situation with my local branch tellers I felt much better about the situation. Carla helped me fill out the proper paperwork in case the funds did not come back right away and got me going on a new debit card. It all worked out fine as Carla was keeping an eye on my account and informed me daily about what was going on. I can’t thank you enough for the quick resolution and support from the Peach State staff. Thanks again!


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