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I went to many car dealerships to replace my vehicle. I had a little, used sedan for over 6 years. My students wouldn’t stop asking me “when are you going to get a new car?” After Hurricane Irma, my car flooded. Water would leak through whenever it rained or I went through a car wash. My car was no longer safe–locking up on left turns, leaking coolant constantly, and a broken sunroof that couldn’t get me any relief on hot, summer days.

I couldn’t think of getting a new car, not after moving and a pay cut. The dealerships pushed me around and tried to put me in damaged, used cars and encouraged me to take out loans with obscene interest rates. But Peach State Federal Credit Union was there for me. I had no idea that I could get such a reasonable interest rate and a new car without breaking the bank. Thanks to Peach State, I can get to work safely transport our school’s fundraising materials without them getting soaked in the rain.


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