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Overdraft Protection

Did you forget about a payment that hasn’t posted yet? Have you had an unexpected expense that forced you to go over your budget? These things happen to everyone.

That’s why Peach State offers two convenient options to protect you from overdrawing your checking account. With overdraft protection, you can choose to cover the missing funds either by Overdraft Protection from Savings, or by utilizing an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit.

Overdraft Protection is only available for Basic and Premium Checking Account holders.

If you would like to use an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit, contact our Loans By Phone Center at 770.580.6000 or apply online.

Not sure which option is right for you? Here’s some more information to help you decide:

Overdraft Protection from Savings

Whoops! I forgot that my water bill hadn’t posted yet and just spent money I didn’t have on groceries!

  • Automatically moves money from savings to checking to cover these groceries, and
  • only costs me a $5.00 fee!
  • $5.00 per overdraft transfer
  • Overdraft transfers count against standard limit of six savings account transfers per quarter.

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit1

Oh no! My car broke down and I had to get it fixed fast, but my checking account is just short of the repair cost!

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit:

  • Provides access to cash as needed
  • $1,000 limit
  • No per-item overdraft fees

No fees with a $1,000 limit.

To apply for pre-approved line of credit overdraft protection, contact our Loans By Phone Center at 770.580.6000 or apply online.

  • 1 Checking Account Line of Credit is available for check and ACH transactions only. Pre-approval is required.