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Direct Deposit

You can have your paycheck, social security or any other recurring check deposited directly into your Peach State checking or savings account. It’s a fast and secure way to organize your finances.

Why Direct Deposit is a smart way to bank:

It’s Fast.

  • Eliminate trips to the branch or standing in line to cash checks
  • Stop waiting for the mailman to deliver your checks. Your funds are automatically deposited for you.

It’s Secure.

  • Your paycheck is safeguarded against loss or theft
  • Check your balances any time with online banking, mobile banking or MemberLine
  • You’ll still receive a paystub to serve as your permanent record

Payroll Deduction

If you have a specific amount from your paycheck that you would like to either deposit into one of your accounts, or use to make recurring loan payments, then Payroll deduction could be right for you. It’s a smart way to save or to ensure that you never miss a loan payment.

Not all employers may participate in Payroll Deduction, however we can still distribute money to your checking, savings or loan accounts via Direct Deposit.

Corporate Office

1505 Lakes Parkway, Suite 100
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
No branch onsite.

Routing Number: 261174759

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