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Visa Debit Cards

Show you CARE with every purchase with the card that C.A.R.E.S.!


Community | Arts | Responsibility | Education | Service

Now you can have a meaningful impact in your community by choosing to use your Peach State Visa Debit Card instead of cash, checks or other cards. Every time you use your Peach State Visa Debit Card, we will donate a nickel to the non-profits, school systems and arts in the communities that we serve!1

To learn more about all of the ways we serve our communities, please visit peachstatefcu.org/stories.

Have more questions? View our FAQs page.

Round Up

Discover the smart way to save with our Visa Debit Card Round Up Program! When you participate in our Round Up Program, every purchase you make with your Visa Debit Card will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. These excess funds will be transferred to your Round Up Savings Account overnight.2 It’s that simple! Now you can turn every debit card purchase into an opportunity to save.

To sign up for Round Up, please contact us at 678.889.4328 or toll-free at 855.889.4328 or download the opt in form online and either fax it to 678.225.4520 or email it to cardservices@peachstatefcu.org.

Peach State Visa Check (Debit) Cards are only available with our Basic and Premium Checking accounts.


  • 1 $0.05 per transaction of Peach State Federal Credit Union’s merchant interchange income from our Visa Debit Card program is used to benefit the communities we serve. Peach State will determine where/how funds are disbursed. This does not affect members’ accounts, nor will any member information be disclosed. You will not incur any additional fees or charges from this program. Merchant interchange income is derived from fees that a merchant pays to accept credit/debit card payments. The C.A.R.E.S. program may or may not apply to ATM transactions, certain commercial transactions, or other transactions not processed by Visa.
  • 2 A separate club account will automatically be opened when signing up for and using the Visa Debit Card Round Up program.

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