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6 Reasons The Best Credit Union in Georgia for Car Loans is Peach State

Apr 10, 2024
Young-couple-discovered-the-best-credit union-in-Georgia-for Car-Loans-is-Peach-State-as-they-drive-away-in-a-new-car.

If you're trying to find the best credit union in Georgia or South Carolina, look no further than Peach State. As a member of Peach State, you can expect us to deliver financial solutions that exceed your expectations and service delivered with a smile. Whether you're looking for reasonable car loans, affordable mortgages, high earning savings accounts, or a financial institution that's committed to giving back to your Georgia or South Carolina hometown, you can count on Peach State

If you or a loved one is planning to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle or refinance an existing Auto Loan, the start of your new adventure begins with a car loan from Peach State! Explore all the reasons why Peach State is the best credit union in Georgia and South Carolina for your car loan!

Our Georgia and SC Credit Union Members Benefit From Customized Car Loans

We firmly believe in providing our valued members with customizable car loan options. Peach State members throughout Georgia and South Carolina enjoy competitive rates and flexible terms on Auto Loans that provide them with a payment that affordably fits into their monthly budget.

Are you ready to finance or refinance a car, truck, or SUV in Georgia or South Carolina? In addition to a customized car loan payment, you can count on Peach State for special car loan programs, local decisions, and quick approvals that are sure to get you the money you need, fast! 

Looking for more facts? Explore six more reasons why Peach State is the best credit union in Georgia and South Carolina for your car loan.

Reason #1: Our Georgia and SC Neighbors Can Count On Second Chance Car Loans Designed for Less than Perfect Credit Scores

While corporate lenders prioritize their bottom line, Peach State prioritizes its members and their financial needs. If you're a Georgia or South Carolina resident looking for a second chance Auto Loan option due to a less-than-perfect credit score, our Fresh Start Auto Loan may be the solution to getting you back behind the wheel.

As an alternative to bad credit loans, this program gives good people who fall on hard times the second chance they deserve. Not only do second-chance Auto Loans help people purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle within their budget, but the program also helps them rebuild their credit score at the same time. 

Reason #2: Our Abbeville, Gwinnett, and Augusta Credit Union Members Are Just A Few Communities That Benefit From Our Local Commitment.

By joining Peach State, members across Georgia and South Carolina can gain access to low-interest car loans, second chance banking options, home loan options, and many other financial solutions that you and your family may be looking for. Curious if you can join? Check out eligibility requirements by visiting our membership page here

Did you know that joining actually benefits your local Georgia or South Carolina community? You make a big difference with every purchase you make through our C.A.R.E.S. Visa Debit Card program. For every purchase made with a Peach State Visa Debit Card, Peach State will donate a nickel to the Peach State FCU C.A.R.E.S. Foundation, which supports non-profits, school systems, and the arts in the communities within our footprint.1


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Reason #3: Our Low Auto Loan Rates Benefit Our Georgia and South Carolina Credit Union Members

The hard-working professionals at Peach State continue to look for ways to deliver excellent car, truck, and SUV financing without charging unnecessary fees. We're proud to offer competitive, low-interest car loan rates with flexible terms to qualified borrowers. As a not-for-profit credit union, we can offer our members these competitive rates because, unlike corporate banks, we don't have stockholders to pay.

Reason #4: First Time Car Buyers Benefit From Our Custom Car Loan Program Designed To Get New Drivers on The Road

Young adults starting with little to no credit may struggle to finance their first vehicle, but Peach State is helping change that trend. Drivers in Georgia and South Carolina can count on Peach State’s Ready, Set, Drive! first-time vehicle buyers program. If you're between 18 and 26 years old and trying to apply for your first car loan, we can help!2

Reason #5: Get Help Shopping for Your Dream Car and Negotiating Your Trade

In addition to low rates and minimal fees, Peach State members can benefit from a unique buying experience with Auto Assistance3. At no cost to our members, Auto Assistance helps with CarFax reports, locating a suitable vehicle in your budget, negotiating trade-in values, and will even deliver the vehicle to your doorstep. This program takes the stress out of vehicle shopping saving members time, leg work, and money when purchasing a reliable car, truck, or SUV.

Reason #6 Peach State Offers an Easy Online Auto Loan Application

Gaining financing for a car, truck, or SUV has never been easier thanks to our online Auto Loan application process. We understand that families are almost always juggling busy schedules. We like to keep it easy! Simply complete our Auto Loan application online, and one of our Auto Loan specialists will review your application quickly. Prefer to apply in person or over the phone? No problem. Visit us at one of our convenient branch locations or give our Loans By Phone team a call at 770.580.6000 to get started. 


Peach State is the Best Credit Union in Georgia and SC for Your Car Loan 

At Peach State, our experienced lending team is ready to help make your vehicle financing a breeze so you can enjoy more time to focus on your next adventure. Have confidence that Peach State is the best credit union in Georgia and South Carolina for your car loan.

Now that you have discovered the best credit union in Georgia and SC for car loans is Peach State, it is time to review our "Car Loans 101: Car Buying Made Easy" complete guide to help you find the best car for your needs and budget!

1 $0.05 per transaction of Peach State Federal Credit Union’s merchant interchange income from our Visa Debit Card program is used to benefit the communities we serve. We will determine where/how funds are disbursed. This does not affect members’ accounts, nor will any member information be disclosed. You will not incur any additional fees or charges from this program. Merchant interchange income is derived from fees that a merchant pays to accept credit/debit card payments. The C.A.R.E.S. program may or may not apply to ATM transactions, certain commercial transactions, or other transactions not processed by Visa.

2 Certain conditions apply.

3 Peach State FCU has contracted with Auto Assistance, LLC to make this service available as a convenience to our members. Any manufacturer’s warranties are not services of the credit union and are not obligations of or guaranteed by the credit union. The credit union makes no representations as to the services of any provider or any vehicles purchased. 

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