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6 Home Improvement Projects To Get You "Falling" in Love with Your Home.

Sep 30, 2022

Studies indicate that almost two-thirds of new and relatively young property owners plan to upgrade their living space, with 60 percent of Gen Xers inclined to make a home improvement. What may be even more eye-raising is that 90 percent of buyers reportedly plan a home improvement before they even close the deal.

Summer remains the busiest home buying period as families put down roots and give children a fresh start in the school system. After the summer moving season, coupled with mild weather, fall is a great time for homeowners to tackle home improvement projects, large and small.

6 Home Improvement Projects That are Great for Fall

It’s no secret that summers tend to be a time to spend enjoying leisure experiences with friends and family. Few people want to deal with renovations that intrude on vacations, outdoor activities, and relaxing on porches and patios. Once Labor Day passes, the general mindset involves getting back to work and accomplishing goals. Here are 6 home improvement ideas, some necessary and some splurges, worth investing in this fall.


1. Create an Expansive Bathroom

Remodeling bathrooms ranks among one of the most popular home improvement projects. Upwards of 80 percent of remodeling contractors get hired to redo bathrooms annually. Increasing the square footage can be a major undertaking that often includes pushing into another room and rebuilding a wall. Those that don’t want to reconfigure other rooms can change the layout and shower design to appear more spacious. Walk-in tile showers with glass doors, for example, provide a luxury amenity that also makes the space look larger.

2. Replace an Aging or Damaged Roof

The importance of investing in a roof replacement cannot be emphasized enough. A roofing system is a primary defense against water penetration and energy loss. If a thunderstorm or high wind incident has impacted your roof, it’s essential to have it inspected. It’s not uncommon to discover cracked shingles, panels, or sealants have been compromised. A leaking roof can lead to water damage or allow molds to grow behind walls. Before going into the winter season, making sure your roof is undamaged is a necessity. A new roof also adds to the property value and provides the highest home improvement return on investments.


3. Refresh Exterior Paint

Fall offers ideal weather conditions for repainting the exterior of any home. Temperatures generally remain above the 50-degree mark that paints require to cure effectively. Homeowners find that autumn is not too hot for them to ease into this weekend DIY project.

People who reside in two-story or historic homes may want to hire a professional painting contractor to handle this sometimes-delicate home improvement. Getting the paint color and lines applied evenly goes a long way to making your house look its best. Professionals also ensure you get the curbside appeal necessary to recover your investment should you decide to put the property on the market.



4. Upgrade Outdated Floors

Replacing outdated and dull flooring with high-quality materials can completely change the dynamic of interior décor. New floors bring color and energy to rooms that can make them feel cozy and in some caseslarger . If you are deciding to invest in this home improvement, these are things to consider.

  •  Light flooring tends to make rooms feel larger.
  • Dark floors tend to make rooms appear smaller.
  • Hardwoods provide a unique and traditional luster.
  • Quality tile flooring resists scratching.
  • Natural stone ranks among the most durable materials.
Although home materials outlets sell an abundance of peel-and-stick products for DIYers, maximizing the return on investment of top-tier materials typically calls for a professional installation.


5. Get Your Kitchen Holiday Ready

Autumn and winter bring families together during some of the most pleasurable holidays. That means hosts will be inclined to get their homes ready to impress. There is a wide range of modest home improvement projects that can enhance your kitchen and make it more inviting. Upgrades like new backsplashes, installing countertops, adding a center island to the kitchen, or having a wall removed to create an open floor plan are game changers. Not to mention a new kitchen is a great incentive to spend hours in the kitchen for all the delicious holiday cooking.



6. Go Solar: Install Solar Panels

Solar panel installation accomplishes multiple important goals. A solar system lowers reliance on the power grid, also reducing utility bills. This upgrade shifts to sustainable energy that is cleaner for the environment. Lastly, having solar panels installed generally increases resale values.

Perhaps the best way to get the most out of this home improvement is to work with an experienced contractor and weigh the reduction in electricity usage costs against the investment. The cost of accessing the grid will likely keep going up, while the sun just keeps rising for free every morning.


Home improvement Projects are Worth it, but Can Be Expensive

Although these projects deliver quality-of-life benefits, they can also be expensive. If a necessary repair or desired upgrade doesn't fit into your current budget, a Home Equity Loan (commonly called a Second Mortgage or Home Equity Line of Credit) could be a welcome solution. These opportunities help qualified homeowners reinvest their equity and gain the upgrades they desire for their homes. 

Contact Peach State for help deciding which solution is right for you. Applying for a Home Equity Loan is easy! Call our Loans By Phone Center at 770.580.6000 or visit any of our convenient branch locations. 

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